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"We all have the power to create the  greatness we want for our lives!"

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Welcome to its the  greatness for me,


I hope this can be a safe space for you on your journey to greatness; a beacon of light in a world that often seems too dim. Our sanctuary is for the dreamers who've momentarily lost their way, the fighters navigating unseen battles, and the beautiful souls seeking to uncover the greatness within themselves.

Life can be a winding path, filled with stumbling blocks and shadows of doubt. It's easy to lose sight of the fact that nestled within each of us is a seed of extraordinary potential, aching to burst forth!

Consider this space your compass, guiding you back to yourself, to the strength you forgot you had, to the potential that's waiting patiently for you to tap into. We're here to show you that it's not about becoming someone else, it's about becoming who you've always been deep down - a powerhouse of resilience and brilliance.

Welcome to your  greatness where your journey back to your extraordinary self begins.


Together, let's awaken the dormant giant within, because it's not just the greatness for me, it's the  greatness for you too.

Dawn Fowlkes - itsthegreatnessforme


My mission is to empower those navigating emotional and mental hurdles to realize and harness their innate potential. You have the power within you to transform your life and become the best version of yourself.


Through motivation, guidance, and a supportive community, I aim to help individuals tap into their inner greatness and live a life marked by resilience, fulfillment, and personal achievement.


We have collaborated with a variety of organizations and individuals who share our passion for creating  greatness. 

Check out sone of our partners here.

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